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The Hawk Alert System is used to notify the campus community of threats to physical safety in emergency situations. Hawk Alert allows UI administrators to send recorded or electronic emergency messages (“Hawk Alerts”) to UI students, faculty, and staff by mobile phone, home phone, office phone, and e-mail, using contact information you provide to the university.


Please keep your Hawk Alert preferences up to date

You can select how you would like to receive notifications in an emergency. If you use a mobile phone, we recommend you provide your mobile number and specify whether you want to receive Hawk Alert notifications by phone, text message, or both.

Text message is the fastest way to receive a Hawk Alert.


Your mobile phone number will only be used for notification purposes—the number will not be published.


Review or update your contact information

To review or update your Hawk Alert preferences, use your HawkID to log into the appropriate site below:

Students (MyUI)
Faculty/Staff (UI Self-Service site)

If you are a parent with questions about Hawk Alert, please visit our Hawk Alert Frequenty Asked Question Page.

*International telecommunication standards shift often and sometimes without notice. To receive Hawk Alerts in a timely manner, we strongly recommend international students, faculty, and staff who are working and studying in the United States consider obtaining a United States cell phone number upon arrival. They should then set their U.S. phone number as their primary method of communication in the Hawk Alert system.